Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adventures in Baking 2

While Autumn was brave with her new, from-scratch new recipes, I have completely given up on cakes baked from scratch at altitude, and have decided that a cake mix is the only sure-fire route to success at 8,000 feet.

The all-powerful USG was having a BAKE SALE today, so I had to make sure that my throngs of jealous fans weren't disappointed with sub-par baked goods. Duncan Hines Rainbow Fun-fetti boxed mix in hand, I whipped up a plate of Spagetti and Meatball cupcakes. As expected they were a huge hit, and I had to defend the precious cargo from a mob of half-awake funcionarios in the elevator on my way to the office. "No, these are for orphans!" I proclaimed, and "The sale starts at 10:00!" I added during my near escape out the door. They were the top-selling item of the day at $20 pesos each (about $1.47 USD for those who are keeping score), so I netted a whopping $41.18 for the orphans and checked "good deed" off my to do list for Wednesday.

Thatza spicy-a meat-a-ball-a!

Actually, they were vanilla with hazelnut chocolates.

I made a sign, just in case anyone wasn't sure what they were getting!

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