Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Xochimilco, Patrimonio de la Humanidad

So for their last day, and the actual Day of the Dead, E & E wanted to go ride the boats in Xochimilco.  We arranged for some friends to join, and ended up with a boat of 15 people!  It was really busy, which was fun.  You got to wave to other boats, have music, really get the whole experience.

The elaborate Day of the Dead ofrenda at the embarcadero in Xochimilco.

A sea of canal boats!

Traffic was pretty serious on the canal.

E, E & I enjoying the afternoon...'cuz we're on a boat.  Hell yes.

This mariachi boat regaled us with some great music and funny dancing.  Well worth $100 pesos per song!

Here is our driver.  The canal boats don't have motors, they are propelled by a guy with a huge stick pushing along the bottom.  Vaminos!

Here we saw this awesome marimba boat.  It was too far over to come attach to us and play, but it certainly looked cool.

Hmmm...something seems not right about these boats...


As with everything else in Mexico, Xochimilco is also considered the patrimony of humanity.

We had so much fun with E &E!  Thanks for coming!!  Remember everyone else, only 8 months left to get your visit in!

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