Monday, November 21, 2011

Playa Del Carmen, Day 1

After our fun outing to Chichen Itza yesterday we were off to Playa del Carmen!  And we fell in love :)  Playa del Carmen was so fun, clean and nice...finally the vacation good luck was kicking in!

Fun with our waterproof camera!  The water was super warm and clear.  It was hard to get out.

We got to stay in this super nice condo, thanks to our friend's recommendation of using Loco Gringo to locate excellent beach accommodations.  After Cancun, it felt like a palace of niceness.  *swoon*

The view from our deck.  Pool...sea...other many's tough!

So, a couple months ago we went on a wild goose chase through the city of Cholula with our friends to find Karma Bagels, which we never found.  Turns out, we were looking in the wrong place!  It was here in Playa del Carmen the whole time!

Mmmm...out of this world bagel sandwich...

A shot of some shops on 5th Avenue.  We had dinner up there one night, pretty nice!

So, all over the Mayan Riviera businesses accept US dollars, but they totally rip off tourists.  We stopped here for ice cream, and the total was $170 pesos (roughly $12.50 USD with the current exchange rate) for 2 cones.  Pretty steep, but not nearly as bad as if we were paying with dollars.  The ice cream guy was using an extremely bad  $10 pesos = $1 USD exchange rate, and charging Americans $17 USD!  Outrageous!!  Luckily, we always have pesos, and saved our $5.  Yikes!

Church on 5th Avenue.  A piece of tradition amongst the tourist madness.

The ferry terminal to catch a ride to Cozumel.  It is designed to suck away all your money!  "Hey lady, almost free!  Let me sell you something you don't need!"  Luckily, we are immune to this, having lived in Mexico almost 18 months.

The playa (beach) of Playa del Carmen.  The sand was like powder...just perfect.

Mmm...fajitas...a delicious American Mexican food treat only available in tourist zones heavily visited by Americans. Delicious!

 Goodnight PDC!

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