Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Night of Lucha Libre

One of our favorite things to do in Mexico City is to go to see Lucha Libre, the special brand of Mexican wrestling that involves masks, crazy costumes and various levels of absurdity.  It is especially fun to take visitors, in order to watch their minds blow.  :)  A few basics about Lucha Libre:  there are 2 teams, the Tecnicos (good guys) and the Ruidos (bad guys).  Each wrestler (luchador) belongs to one of these 2 teams, and at the end of the night, one team is declared victorious.  It is also very bad to have your mask removed during the match.  It can end your career as a luchador when your secret identity is revealed.  Remember, mask removal = worst.  There are no cameras allowed in Arena Mexico, so please try to tolerate the less than awesome quality iPhone pics.

This was an extra special lucha night in honor of Day of the Dead, complete with a Michael Jackson impersonator and a performance of Thriller.  You can kind of make that out from this picture.

Here, during the second round of luchas, we have luchador Ultimo Dragoncito (Ultimate Tiny Dragon) reeling after being thrown out of the ring.

This is Maximo, a favorite Tecnico...albeit (more than) a little over-the-top...he inexplicably is toting around a child dressed as a leprechaun.   The child was whisked away before the fight started, fear not.

Here we have Alebrije of team Ruido gloating about his awesomeness.  He gets the award for craziest outfit of the night.

La Mascara (the Mask) of the Tecnicos had a rough night.  Here he is reeling mere seconds after his head smashed into that CMLL logo on the announcers' booth.

Then Averno and Volador Jr. scooped him up, and, judging from the splayed open positioning of his legs, you can imagine what fate befell poor Mascara then...

Yup, that's right.  Slammed into the pole.

And if that wasn't enough, Averno nearly pulled off his mask too!!  The horror!!

Averno gloats, thinking the Ruidos have it in the bag as our hero La Mascara appears defeated...

But no!  It was all a rouse!!  La Mascara and his team, Rush and La Sombra, came back to win it all!  Tecnicos victorious again!!

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