Friday, November 25, 2011

Snorkeliando Time!

We took two snorkel trips out into Soliman Bay today, and they were both amazing!  It is so cool to just walk out your front door and swim onto a reef.

Here we are bright and early, kayaking out to the far end of the reef.

The sun on the pretty!

We took turns snorkeling in the morning.  Here I am manning the kayak.  Hi!!

The magic of our awesome underwater camera begins...the fish were very active this morning.

Fish and was so clear!

Top secret fish meeting exposed!

Sea things in the morning...

Eric got very brave (and close) to the coral.  I have had a coral scrape before, so I know to keep a good distance...

Then it was my turn!!

At first I didn't take the camera, so Eric took the opportunity to take some self portraits.  So cute!

Then I discovered fish island, so I had to go get the camera to document this.

Blue fishes...

There were all kinds of cool things growing in the coral...

and anemones with eye ball looking tentacles...

and brains....

and more fish...

and pretty corals!

Hola senor yellow fish!

I didn't get a picture, but I even saw a seahorse swimming around!  Also, our neighbors saw a cool!

Eric, snorkel expert.

Autumn, hammock expert.

Goodnight fishes! Thanks for a great day!!

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