Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another Day, Another Sandwich!

This morning we said our good byes to Jac and Jude, and headed out through Wisconsin to Chicago.  It was a rainy and miserable day out there, but we did have a high spot.  We stopped in Milwaukee to enjoy the Wisconsin state sandwich, and we were not disappointed!  The best one so far, by far!

We knew we were in our kind of place hen we spotted the original (and best) edition Trivial Pursuit cards on the table.

 There it is...the Short Stout.  The. Best. Sandwich. Ever!!
It is the dairy state, so the mac & cheese was definitely in order.  Delish!

And the pie was amazing too....

Don't mind if I do!

Oh yes, Honeypie was the best restaurant so far.

 And finally, we made it to Chicago!  We have a big tourist day planned for tomorrow, can't wait!

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