Friday, November 9, 2012

Touristing, Midwestern Style!

Today we have another very long day ahead of us, due to our detour.  We are looking at about 14 hours before we arrive at Jacquelyn's house in St. Paul, MN tonight, and we really do not want another day like yesterday, so we decided to enjoy some roadside attractions along the way.

The first attraction?  Wall Drug in Wall, SD!  We passed dozens of signs like this one along the way.

Oooh, South Dakota even makes their rest stops fancy!

Finally, Wall Drug!  This turned out a bit blurry, but it's too cute to leave out.  :)

Let's do this!

Eric and Kylie excited for breakfast time.

And with a spread like this, who wouldn't be excited??  Those doughnuts are made on site and were incredible.

Here I am in the cavernous Wall Drug breezeway.

Yikes!  This creepums had eyes that moved around.  No me gusta!

Western overload....

We picked up some fudge for later...apparently it is deadly to everyone.

Um, what?  Beware of poisonous snakes??  Use this rest area at your own risk!

Next roadside attraction?  The Mitchell Corn Palace, of course!  Every fall the residents of Mitchell, SD decorate the outside of this building with dried corn products from the harvest.  It is really the only reason this town exists, I think.

Here we are with the corn palace!  The baby was asleep, so we didn't include her in this photo.

I personally think the corn cob cheerleaders are the best.  Eric is partial to the wrestlers.

After all of that tourist fun, it was time to get serious about the road.  We finally made it to Jacquelyn's house late, but okay.  Looking forward to a day out of the car tomorrow.  Hurray!!

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  1. cute cant wait to see what happens next on your exciting trip