Monday, November 12, 2012


We had another full day out of the car (for the baby's sake ... wink!), so we touristed around town even though it was FREEZING! The Windy City earned it's name today and we had to make an emergency stop at Old Navy to buy scarves since ours were carefully Space-bagged away in our stuffed car...more on how much the Saturn holds later.

Our three main stops on our walking tour were the Sears Tower, Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium.

 Good morning Chicago! 
View of a sliver of Lake Michigan from the room!


 Haha! I'll lick those rainbows!

 Que bonita!

A random Alexander Calder "Stay-bile" sculpture on our walk to the Sears / Willis Tower

 View of downtown from the top

 Say deep dish cheese pizza!

 More views from the Sky Deck

 Looking down from 1000'+ up
(NOTE: This was higher than any mountain pass we crossed since we left Montana!)

 Just hangin' out!

 Yeah, we didn't pay $24 for this souvenir photo..., I just "borrowed" a preview from the website

 Ok, we paid for this one! Cheese!

 Art and architecture!

 Clear and freezing day!

 Another view from the room

 After lunch, we hopped on the L for more sights!

 First stop, Field Museum to see the Treasures of the Maharaja!

Autumn never got to see the "Aztec Calendar" in Mexico City
Luckily, they had a replica today!

 The cold weather really discouraged outdoor activities.

 Next stop, the Shedd Aquarium

 Pink Jellyfish!

Lazy jellyfish taking a nap on some seaweed!

Another counterfeit souvenir!

Goodnight Chi-town!

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