Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beach Day!

Today we just relaxed at the beach and had fun hanging out together!

 Autumn and Kylie!

 K relaxing in her own beach chair!

 Learning to play at the beach!

 Linda captured the many items for sale at the beach including:
1.) Some kind of snow-cone? (this one plays music, so you could probably buy his CD too!)
2.) Shrimp (probably best to avoid)
3.) A variety of nuts and hard-boiled quail eggs.
4.) Açaí products
5.) Ice cream - finally a good one!
6.) Sunglasses
7.) Hats!

Ron trying on a seaweed toupee!

On our way home, we saw party-goers from the Police & Fireman's Carnaval coming down Boa Viagem!

Huge brawling crowds! 
Just another day in Recife!

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