Saturday, February 2, 2013

Greetings from Summer!

As we're settling in here in Brazil, we are getting out and seeing more of our new city.  This weekend we got together with new friends, and explored the beach we live on even more.  It is a gorgeous place, we are so lucky to live here!

This was my breakfast.  Bolo de Rolo com queijo.  I expected the cheese to come cold on the side, not piping hot, melted over a sweet roll cake.  It was an interesting dish...

There is totally a guy under all of those rafts.  Close inspection will reveal little feet poking out the bottom...

Avoid Sea Bath!!

Strolling through the neighborhood...

It's Brazil.

A sea of umbrellas and beach goers in the summer sun.

Eric and Kylie, ready for anything, and totally protected from sunburn!

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