Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Autumn had to work today, so I caught up on housework, and then we all went down to the beach. 

You don't really have to take anything to the beach here except for money. There are people here that "rent out" umbrellas and chairs. They set up their spot, and if you buy drinks from them, you can use the umbrellas and chairs. We had been using Mr. Green Umbrellas until we showed up too late the other day, and he bumped us down to Mr. Yellow and White Umbrellas who definitely seemed like a third-rate operation. Today, we moved on down the beach to Mr. Blue Umbrellas, and he runs a tight ship! There was no minimum order, he wrote down the drink orders on a ticket, and even gave us a receipt to take up to the cashier guy! It was quite an upgrade from our usual spot. The only drawback was no coconuts!! 

I don't even know how that's possible since you can basically buy a coconut every five feet here, but I guess that no one is perfect. I think we've found our spot!


 Check out the extreme make-out sess that Linda caught while photographing the açaí vendor!
Que romântica!

 Chillin' with the babes!

 Beach cheese! Today, with oregano!

 Say queijo!

Beach time!

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