Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Praia de Calhetas

It's the last day of our 5 day Carnaval weekend, so we decided to pile into the van and head out on an adventure!  We found a beach about 30 miles away that boasted lobster, good swimming and a great view, so off we went!

The first view of the beach from up on hill.  So exciting!

Nestled into the best seat in the house!  We had to wait and stalk it out, but it was worth it.  A table with a view and a breeze!

Everyone out enjoying the last day of the holiday weekend.

Stupidly cold beer, perfect!

Sitting in the shade of the palms.

Shell embellishments in the concrete, it really added to the ambiance.

Boats moored for the day.

The restaurant where we spent the day, Bar do Artur, even had this handy baby wrangling contraption!

The star of the afternoon, perfectly cooked and fresh lobster, served in a tile.

The road home.  What a great day!

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