Monday, February 18, 2013

Casa da Cultura

Today's activity was shopping! First we headed downtown to the Casa da Cultura which is an arts and crafts mall that was converted from the old town prison! Each former cell is now a cute store! Que coisa! Afterward, we headed over to the mall (or the "Shopping" as its called in Portuguese) for lunch and more shopping!

On our way to the jail / shopping, we saw an amazing chicken made entirely of Skol beer cans!

 Julie and Linda

A weird flower

 A shop, a bathroom or a cell, your choice!

 Autumn as a ... um... Carnaval something!

 The door's open! Let's escape!

The eye of the Illuminati!

 More fun with head cut outs!
This time we are traditional soldiers from the Sertão!

 The inside of the jail was actually pretty cool! 
...all decorated for Carnaval

 More Carnaval decorations!

Linda as that ... uh.... Carnaval thing!

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