Monday, February 20, 2012

Guanajuato - 1

We hit the highway after Dolores Hidalgo and drove through the countryside and over a mountain pass to Guanajuato. It was a old mining town so the streets were twisty, turny and sometimes former mine tunnels. After we wound our way up, down and around, we made it to the hotel and squeezed the car into the world's tiniest parking garage. Autumn checked us in at the hotel and we dropped off the bags. The hotel was a cool, old colonial type building (like everything in Guanajuato). 

We grabbed a bite to eat in Jardin de la Union, and then headed up to El Pipian via the funicular for great views above the town. Afterward, we toured around town, peeped churches and had a very relaxing afternoon. We shopped and got a great Javier Servin vase in the nice part of town, and visited the disgusting Mercado Hidalgo in the bad part of town! Autumn got us a great restaurant recommendation for cheap Mexican food at Casa Ofelia. Yum!

 Our super-colonial hotel!

 Colors of Guanajuato

Ye olde I love thee!

 Looks safe to me!

 El Pipian
aka - The man who burned down the doors to the Alhondiga enabling the Mexican rebels to break into the town fort during the Mexican Revolution!!

 Say cheese!

 Views of the town from El Pipian

 Ed & Lynn

Colorful packed!

 Old church

 Older church!

 Autumn working the world's largest abacus

Autumn in the Internet Zone Throne!

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