Saturday, February 4, 2012

Huatulco Day 1

So, remember last November when we totally missed our flight to Tuxtla Gutierrez?  Well, we traded those tickets in for tickets to Huatulco, a beach area on the coast in the state of Oaxaca.  We were looking forward to a relaxing weekend with our own private pool overlooking the ocean on the beach...and it was that...but it was also some other things too...

Our first sign of trouble should have been when we arrived at the resort at 10:00 am, only to learn that we could not check in until 3:00. we went and found a palapa on the beach and lounged until our room was 3:30.  Boo.

The hotel pool.  It was a beautiful facility...service was fairly awful though.

Here I am, thrilled to be in the ocean a little.

Finally, we make it to our room!  Only to discover that this pool is cold.  REALLY cold.  With no heater.  Sad!!

The view from our room's second deck.  Gorgeous!

Un amigo!

So cute!  I don't know how he can stand all of that cold water though!


Moonrise over the ridge.

We ended up having dinner at this really delicious Austrian restaurant.  We tried to eat at our hotel but the only restaurant open (out of 6) was totally booked up.  Then we got locked out of our room for we arrived here all mad.  However, that faded fast as we dined on delicious homemade delights.  Oh, Huatulco, how odd you are...

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