Saturday, February 18, 2012

San Miguel - 1

Ed and Lynn came to visit this week. They arrived on Friday evening after a long day of traveling, and were greeted by the infamous traffic here. Once we finally got home, we headed out for a quick dinner at Dulcinea, which was excellent as usual. We caught up over a few drinks and headed off to bed before getting on the road up to San Miguel de Allende, aka GRINGOLANDIA!! Autumn and I were very excited.

On Saturday morning, we slept in a bit and had breakfast at Casa Portugesa before loading up the car and setting out for our long weekend trip (thanks President's Day!). The drive up was about 3 hours and we got so see a new part of the countryside. It was mostly farms, not much to report there.

Our hotel reservation had been cancelled at the last minute, so our new hotel was a bit further out of town than we would have liked. It was still nice (relatively), and we had the place basically to ourselves. We unloaded our bags into the rooms and had a cab take us down to El Jardin (the central square). 

After shopping through the junkarias, it was officially beer:30 so we stopped at a corner cafe for tacos (Autumn) and beers (us). We finished our tour of the square, peeped into the main church, and got our our way down to meet up with some Rotary people from Colville for a birthday celebration. We had margaritas at their place before dinner at Matilda's (definitely staying here next time!). A quick cab ride later and we were all tucked in for the night.

Bienvenidos a San Miguel de Allende!

 Autumn and her dad

 Posing with the knock-off Talavera tile

 Whoa! Church-a-rific!

 Mostly brick and crystal...
...I guess they didn't have much gold here as they did further south.

 Cheerful colors of San Miguel, on our way to margaritas!

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