Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guanajuato - 2

This morning we got up and had breakfast at the hotel. Lynn ordered the atole, a very traditional corn drink, that practically made the rest of us throw up just looking at it!

Today was dedicated to museums, so we toured the Teatro Juarez, the Mueso del Pueblo de Guanajuato, and Diego Rivera's childhood home. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant called "Van Gogh's Ear" which was good despite the name. Afterward we starting walking to the Mummy Museum. The map said it was 500 meters away (1500 feet), but failed to mention that it was 1500 feet straight up a cliff. After dragging ourselves up about a hundred flights of stairs through a very sketchy neighborhood, we ended up at the town cemetery (the source of the mummies!). We asked directions from a few locals and follows some additional "signs" (see below), we finally got there, and it was gross! Autumn wouldn't even go in! Ed, Lynn and I spent about 15 minutes inside, then called a cab to get back to the hotel ASAP.

We had dinner at a nice little Italian place with balconies overlooking the Jardin de la Union. After dinner, we strolled around town and then headed to bed early.

 Teatro Juarez at night!

 Inside the theater

 Ed and Autumn pretending to watch a show

 Another beautiful, sunny day

 In the Jardin outside the hotel

 Autumn in a very disturbing head cut-out a the city museum

 Skull and gun street art

 Autumn and Diego

 On our way to lunch...look at that paint color!

 Inside and outside el Alhondiga (which was confusing at first because it sounds like "meatball" in Spanish)
This was the town granary where the Spanish holed up during the Mexican Revolution. A guy called El Pipian burned down the doors and the Spanish met their doom. He's the local town hero with the statue from yesterday!

 A mural of Miguel Hidalgo..another revolutionary hero.

 On the way to Mummies! EEK!
We should have taken the road and the signs as a hint that this was not for us!

One of the many churches all lit up at night

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