Sunday, February 5, 2012

Huatulco Day 2

Day 2 in Huatulco was sort of like day 1.  It was stunningly beautiful, but also pretty awful.  The food was terrible, there was more terrible service from the hotel staff (Camino Real Zaashila, in case you were wondering) and more bizareness with the hotel restaurants being closed.  This time we in fact were allowed to make a reservation at a restaurant that turned out to be closed when we went down for dinner!  WTF??  Huatulco was beautiful, and the hotel was spectacular...but the service industry really needs some more training or something...

Here are the highlights of the better parts of our day!

 This tangle of flowers and nature feels wild and beautiful.

Good morning scrubby hillside!


The hotel really was a very nice facility.

Beach walking time!


The ocean was such a pretty color, but it was crazy deep right when you waded in.  No swimming for us, just enjoying the view.

 Beaching around in my swimming contraption.

The dry and scrubby landscape was very pretty.

Beach rocks.

WhizzBang!  Kersplash!!

Are those barefoot prints on the beach??

NO!!  They are toe shoe prints!!  Fooled you!

Beach shelf.  Looks like a couple shell layers in this sand formation..

Palms in the sun.

I love how the white building almost washes out completely against the perfectly clear sky.

Finally, the lunch of my dreams.  Flour tortilla quesadillas made with Oaxaca cheese, guacamole and lime.  

All in all, Huatulco wasn't bad...but I think you get more for your money elsewhere.  We probably won't be back, but I am glad that we went.

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