Sunday, June 23, 2013


This morning, we got up bright and early to drive up to Apollonia! It's the ruins of a Crusader castle set on a cliff above the Mediterranean Sea in an area that's been inhabited for about 2,500 years! Que fancy! Plus, it's only about 15 minutes from Tel Aviv!!

 It was really packed...good thing we got there early!

 Welcome to the park! 
Sign, moat, ruins & a path!

 Which road to take?
The Sea Path!


Is that a castle and a shrubbery?
 Lots of wildflowers in bloom.

 An artist's depiction of the castle in it's heyday, 800 years ago!

(we were trying to make the baby take a nap in the backpack, thus, she is not pictured)
 E and a local guard!

 A chatting up some villagers!


 A toppled Corinthian column

 Views up the coast

 Autumn said that if she lived here, this would be her room, and that she wouldn't mind if they had to come in and shoot cannons from her window to fend off invading infidels periodically.

 Our guess was ancient cannonballs!

 It's only a model.
 Looks beautiful, but the sun was actually roasting us alive, even at 8:00am!


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