Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ha-Carmel Souk

Today was our first full day in Tel Aviv, and we were determined to make the most of it, jet-lag be damned!  We started the day by making Kylie some baby food and getting general errands taken care of.

Using a hot plate and a dull knife, Eric made short work of that squash, putting himself squarely in the lead for the best-dad-ever competition.

Finally ready to go exploring!

Serious business right here.  As we would tell the baby, "That is a no-touch".  For sure.

The narrow alley of Ha-Carmel Souk.  According to our guide book, this is a good place to come to rummage through discount underwear.  We saw some of that, but there was a lot more to it then just that.... these olives, for example...

...and these amazing smelling spices...

...and this spicy, gooey baklava...

...not to mention all of this fruit!  It was a fascinating and delightful place to spend the afternoon.

We stopped for a rest on the beach on the way back.  Someone certainly seems to like it here!

A refreshing treat after a long walk.

The beach...seems familiar...

Our loot from the market!  Yum!!

We ended the day over a great dinner of Singaporean food with a good friend.  Things are definitely looking up for La Familia Oakley!  I think we've gotten all of our bad travel karma out of the way..smooth sailing from here, right??

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  1. So happy to see your updates and know you are safe! Love you - Linda