Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jerusalem - Jewish Quarter

After our walk through Jerusalem's Christian Quarter, we visited the Jewish Quarter. 

We stopped here first.  We got to spend some alone time with the famous wall, as this part is lesser known and no one was there.

A glimpse through the passageway.

Eric and the wall.  Kylie refused to make a nice face, so she did not get featured in the photo.

 Prayers tucked into the wall.

Back out in the winding souk, an incense vendor showcasing his wares. 

The Western Wall, the holiest place in Judaism.

Another perspective on the Wall.  It was not as large as I thought it would be.  It was also segregated between men and women.  Fascinating place.

 New old buildings facing the Wall.  A lot of this area was destroyed during the war here, but much has been rebuilt, and it has been rebuilt to match the Old City's character.

An archaeological site just off Temple Mount.

The Dome of the Rock.  The Muslim Quarter was not accessible by non-Muslims, so our only photos of this building were from far away.

Old buildings rambling through the Quarter.

Roman ruins.

La familia Oakley blending in!

Olive trees in the courtyard.

Flowers blooming on the terrace.


Back into the Christian Quarter for lunch.

Looking around the Old City.

A camel tapestry in the market.

Life around the streets of the Old City.


The walls of the Old City from the outside.

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