Friday, June 7, 2013

Caesarea, Roman Ruin-Landia!

After our trip to the gardens and glorious brunch, we headed southward to find the Roman Ruins of Caesarea..or is it Keisarya...or maybe Qesarya?  I think we should just go with the Hebrew:  .קֵיסָרְיָה

 Caesarea was Roman port and its ruins are now an Israeli national park.  We had a tough time navigating the area, as it turns out our guidebook's maps are not great for actual navigation.  A wrong turn brought us here, to see this ancient aqueduct.  Happy accident!

The aqueduct ran along the beach.  Very picturesque!


After snapping a couple of photos, we hopped back in the car and finally found the correct location.  Here are the ruins from the outside.  So old!!

Just inside the park.  !!

There ruins were complete with shops and restaurants!  How convenient!

Ruins ruins everywhere, but not a bit of shade.

A Roman face looking back at us through time.

La familia Oakley protected from the sun (except for me, I need a hat!).

Ancient mosaic floor.

Column bases on the sea.

The ruins sprawling out into the water.

Seating at the ancient hippodrome.

Eric posing as a centurion!

After a great day we headed back to Tel Aviv.

We went out for Italian food for dinner.  Although I really appreciate restaurants having English menus, I just had to share this one.  It was hard to know what any of these items were!

Eric and Kylie enjoying the evening.

For dessert we found could choose chocolate and good!

Espresso and dark chocolate, and green tea with white chocolate and coconut.  Perfect end to a great day!

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