Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Are Never Walking to Jaffa Again!

This was the third time we walked to Jaffa, and it is true, we will not walk there again.  The first 2 times we were not prepared.  Jaffa looks deceptively close...Oh it's just right over there...we could totally walk there, right?  Well, one can walk there...but one should be prepared, that's all.  This time, we were ready and we had a fantastic evening!

Jaffa is an ancient port city on the Mediterranean.  It's where Andromeda was chained to a rock as bait for the Kraken, only to be rescued by Perseus.  It's where the famed Lebanese Cedars came ashore en route for Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.  Not to mention the fact that is it the city in which the illustrious Clash of the Titans is set.  People have been living in Jaffa for at least 7,500 years.  That is seriously old!

Beautiful art work at the entry of a mosque.
Jaffa flea market.  We arrived at closing time, but there were still deals to be had.

The flag of Israel at dusk.

Cashmere scarves piled high.

The minaret of a mosque at twilight. 

The moon over old Jaffa.

The church in old Jaffa's main square.  The inside is closed to visitors during some construction, but the outside is beautiful.

The zodiac in mosaic at the Wishing Bridge.  The legend is that you can touch your zodiac sign on the bridge while facing the sea and make a wish.  That wish will come true!  Now, I am usually pretty rational, but once I made a wish at an ancient wishing place (you can read about it here), and it came true.  !!  However, there was a problem with this particular wishing area...

No entrance to the bridge!  !!  How will I get my wish???  I decided that because the bridge was closed, I was allowed to stand on my zodiac sign in mosaic, face the sea and make said wish.  We will see what happens!

The old city winding down towards the water.

Another happy memory for La Familia Oakley.

The narrow streets.  Can you imagine having to live in a fortified stone city that twisted in a complicated way in order to fend off attackers?  It was really beautiful, but also easy to lose one's design.

A symbol of the Greek Orthodox Church in metal.

Here we had the most amazing sandwiches...OMG.  Anyone in Jaffa should find this place in the old hangar building.  I think the guy makes his own meats...and it is not kosher (read: ham is available).  !!

The old hangar has some amazing food.  These are handmade chocolate bonbons that taste like chocolate covered frosting balls made by Lia's Chocolate.  I love the dulce de leche one.  Try it if you have the chance!

Jaffa after dark.

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  1. OMG Where can I buy a scarf?? They look beautiful!