Saturday, June 22, 2013


After the Dead Sea we headed a little further south to the ruins at Masada.  Masada is a city built on a high plateau where rebel Jewish forces held off the Romans for as long as they could...and then they all killed themselves rather than fall.  It is not an uplifting tale on its surface, but the story resonates with Israelis today, and it is a highly visited place as people keep the memory of the rebellion alive.

Here we go!

Masada is just atop that plateau.

We elected to ride the 3 minute cable car to the top.

Babes concurs that this was a wise decision.

Everyone was very happy not to be walking up this "Snake Path".  It was at least 95 degrees out.  This would be brutal!

View from the top, across the Judean desert.

The ruins against the Dead Sea.  Very striking.

Cheese!  Here I am wearing a hat.  It was good for keeping my from getting sunburned, but was really hot and kept flying off.  I think the search of the perfect hat will continue...

Ruins and the summer sky.

This was the Roman camp below.

All of the colors of the desert blend together.  It can be hard to tell ruin from rock!

Eric enjoying the view!

The harsh desert-scape.

A door through the ruined wall.

Remnants of a Byzantine church.

Mosaic designs.

 The Byzantine church mosaic floor.
One last look from the top.

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