Monday, March 25, 2013

Exploring Recife: São José

Today we headed out to Recife's historic center to check out the Mercado São José and the surrounding areas. The market was very rustic and was definitely targeted at locals more so than tourists. It was mostly seafood and produce and a few arts and crafts. We wandered through the market and past a few churches on our way over to lunch at Leite. It lived up to its reputation as one of the best restaurants in town. It was super-fancy with tuxedoed waiters and live piano music, plush curtains and white linen table clothes. We were VERY under-dressed in sweaty tank tops and shorts, but they were very nice to us anyway! After lunch, we browsed through the Casa da Cultura to pick up some souvenirs! We wound up the night with a rather questionable dinner at Guaiamum Gigante that included some "delicious" fried tilapia skin salad! YUM-O!

Entrance to the market, seafood sales floor, arts & crafts, outdoor produce market

Kaali, Eric & Kylie!

Some local delicacies:  Charque & bacalhao, chicken's feet, hearts and parts, unrefrigerated meat dangling from hooks and a taxidermied goat that dispensed liquor out of its behind (in two convenient sizes)!
Que charming!

 Basilica de Nossa Senhora de Penha

 The best paint job ever!

Pátio de São Pedro

Lunch at Leite! Que fancy!

 Greetings from the Casa da Cultura

 Shopping like a pro!

 More fun with cut-outs!

Group photo!

Special thanks to Autumn for working so hard today while we were all out having fun!

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  1. Those liquor goats are klassy. Super klassy!