Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Olinda - Part II

Olinda really is a must-see stop when coming to Recife. It's so cute and colonial. Check out our last trip to Olinda with Ron, Julie & Linda. I tried to pick photos of things that we didn't show last time. Olinda is so photogenic. It's pretty much impossible to come back with less than 200 pictures from there. We made the same basic loop around town as last time to check out the all the churches and markets. Here's what we saw today:

Kaali & Alison on the steps of Igreja do Carmo

Inside the church!
It was open today!

Arts & crafts market, a university, the library, São João Batista, and Jesus!

The chapel at São Francisco

Check out that ceiling! Whoa!

 More views in and from Igreja e Convento Franciscano de Nossa Sehnora das Neves
(I love the ridiculous long names of stuff here!)

 Azulejo tiles...
....made in Portugal and shipped and reassembled in Brazil 400 year ago!

An ancient sundial!

 Frevo time!

 Alison at Nossa Senhora das Graças e Seminario

View back to Recife

Lunch at Oficina do Sabor:
Coconut Shrimp in a pumpkin! DELICIOUS!
Also, Kylie's first use of a high-chair at a restaurant.

Monkeying around!
So much like the US / Virginia / not a jungle here!

 Beach party!

Post lunch walk along the boardwalk

 Looks like a deserted island!

Copying much?


 What!?! Olinda is full of copycats!
P.S. This one is more expensive than an actual Bloomin' Onion at Outback here!

Since Kylie had approximately zero naps today, I whipped up a gourmet dinner of enchiladas and a sugar-free plum tart while she slept this afternoon! #besthusbandever!

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