Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fort Orange

After checking out the manatees, we headed over to Fort Orange, which was literally right next door. It was an old Dutch fort that was built in 1631! Que interesante!

 Bem vindo ao Forte Orange!

 Oooh! Fort-y!

 Look! Holes from which to smite thy enemies!

Or to make a call!


I wouldn't want to be that guy!
His job appeared to be to dig up / kill that pesky grass!

 None shall pass!

 Prepare to eat cannon ball you dastardly beach party boats! FIRE!


Ready for action!

Alison:  "I wonder what these are? I guess I'll just eat it!"
Us:  "Noooooo!"
Random Local:  "It's just an olive guys! Relax!"

 An agave! Let's make tequila!

Another weird tropical flower!


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