Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last day at the Beach

Since we had pretty much already seen all the touristy stuff that Recife has to offer, we spent the last day of Kaali and Alison's visit on the beach!

 Kylie's new favorite sleeping position! The inchworm!

 Playing in the waves with mom!
...and rockin' a Hello Kitty baby bikini!
 Recife at it's best

 Swing-a-round splashin' time with dad

...there's sharks in that water!
 Whew! Safe and sound on dry land!

 Pants are optional in Recife!

 Where's my drink?!?

 Caipirihna time!

Oh look! It's the "tiny soup of fat" cart!
Hot, fatty soup, just what I always crave on a 90 degree day at the beach!

Thanks for the great trip K&A! Come back any time!!

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