Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recife Antigo

Today we went down to the historic center of town for a little walking tour. We started at Marco Zero, which commemorates the first landing site of the Portuguese in 1500. From there we explored the neighborhood before heading into the arts and crafts market at the Centro de Artensenato de Pernambuco and had lunch at Bistro & Boteco, which was the best por kilo (buffet) place that I've been to yet! A little more walking after lunch led us on a wild goose chase through a very sketchy part of town looking for a church, so we quickly hopped in a cab and came home.

For dinner, we went out to Compania de Chopp for churrasco. Their picanha is the best! YUM!

How to celebrate Easter? With a Passion of the Christ play of course...
...starring real novela actors from Rio de Janeiro! Que fancy!
(Marco Zero is the circle on the ground)

 Welcome to the city of Recife!

 Trying out the new baby backpack with sun-shade / baby hiding technology!

 View from Marco Zero

 Map of ye olde towne

First stop..."Good Jesus" / "the Jews" Street

 Cute, colorful, colonial buildings!
(they were all getting repainted with World Cup money today!)

The oldest synagogue in the Americas!

 More colonial cuteness!

Alison sitting on famous Recifense poet's lap!

 View across Rio Beberibe


Check out that coconut stash!

 Church of the Mother of God

 Dangerous danglings!

 The 80's called, they want their Mr. Yuk back!

Graffiti and patterned sidewalks...yay!

 Last stop at the junkeria

 Kaali & Kylie enjoying some picanha

Alison & Kylie relaxing with a caipirinha

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