Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All Vacations Must Come to an End...

It's finally come, the last day of vacation.  Tomorrow we have to go home, but today we have one last day!  On the agenda today is to drive back to Seattle, visit Eric's aunt and have dinner with friends.  The rest we will fill in as we go!  :)

First stop, breakfast!  The smell wafting out of this place was to die for.  Why didn't we eat every meal here??

The goods...baked goods that is.  That blueberry pastry was pretty much the best thing ever.

Quick, wave goodbye to 'squatch!

Finally, back to the Sasquatch-free safety of Seattle.  You know that gorgeous weather we had on the coast yesterday?  Well, it's now gracing Seattle.  It's a beautiful fall day!

What you are seeing now is a classic Seattle lunch.  The iceberg lettuce salad with unknown white dressing, two ice cream scoops of Japanese sticky rice and chicken teriyaki meat.  You can get this meal all over the city, and it is delightful.  This is at Eric's favorite spot, Yummy Teriyaki on Queen Anne.

After lunch it was decided that cupcakes were needed stat!  We didn't really want to put La Princecita Kylie back in her much hated car seat, so we decided to take the monorail downtown to visit the Trophy Cupcakes in Pacific Place.  Since we were already on Queen Anne, we got to have a nice stroll through Seattle Center.

Eric took this amazing shot of the Space Needle.  It could be a postcard, don't you think??

 Eric looking cool with the baby while we await the arrival of the monorail.

EMP glistening in the sun.

Here we are blasting into the future, through EMP on our way downtown!

This is my new favorite cupcake, Black Forest.  Cherries, with cherry frosting and a cherry on top.  Triple yum!

On our way back we thought about going through this new Chihuly sculpture garden by the Space Needle, but we decided we didn't want to pay for such things.  It did look pretty cool, though, through the fence.

The City of Seattle is diligently trying to replant the grass here, but their efforts are being thwarted by these pesky flying rats eating all the grass seed.  Can't they read the sign?!

One last look at the Space Needle and this totem pole before we head back.

We had a great vacation and got to see so many people!  Thank you to everyone who hosted us or came out to visit, it was really a great week.  Until next time, Seattle!

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