Friday, October 19, 2012

The Pumpkin Carvery!

Tomorrow my dad is hosting a big party to welcome Miss Kylie to the world!  He will be roasting a pig (farm grown, of course) and we expect between 60-100 people to come out and say hi.  My sister, Tiffany, and all 3 of her kids are coming too!  I haven't seen Tiffany in about 4 years, so I am so excited to catch up and introduce her to Kylie!

For the party La Familia Oakley was put in charge of decorating, which meant mastermind Eric could let his Halloween decorating ideas run wild!  We stopped by the store and picked up a bunch of pumpkins, squash and gourds to carve, and some other items, such as tic-tacs and ping pong balls, to augment our decorations.  It was so much fun!  Even my 92 year old grandma got in on the carving action!

Eric made this awesome guy as an example of the fun that could be had carving a gourd.

Cookies and (really good) wine, an excellent source of carving fuel!

My nephew demonstrating how the plastic fangs work.

The actual carving was so much fun, we forgot to take pictures!  As you can imagine, it was a pumpkin gut covered delight.  :)  Here are the spooky finished products in the dark.

And here they are by day!  The party will be so well decorated!!

These are the pumpkins Eric & I carved.  Mine is the one that looks like a kid made it, and Eric's is the one that looks like Martha Stewart made it!

Here's a close up of some of the funny gourds and pumpkins that were made.  There was no glue, so all of the accessories are actually inlaid.  Wowza, that's some pumpkin talent!!

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