Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Into the Bogs With Ye!

So, for the last part of our major tourist day we checked out the local "World's Largest Frying Pan," Marsh's Free Museum and the Cranberry Museum!  So much doings!!

Here is Eric and Kylie posing with the giant frying pan.  It is a replica of what was once the world's largest frying pan.  It was made for Long Beach's annual Razor Clam festival and was actually functional!   Though the original is long gone, the replica is still pretty fun and a classic tourist photo op.

Behold, Marsh's Free Museum!  Home of Jake the Alligator Man and millions of tons of crap for sale!

Here I am posing with an authentic wooden cowboy!  Say Whiskey!

This was taken inside the Museum.  What do they sell here, you ask?  Why, all of this fabulousness!  I am personally eying the horse statues to pull my living room together...  

Crab mosaic, celebrating the best creature to ever grace the sea, the Dungeness Crab! 

This is a statue of a razor clam.  Eric said it was a good thing I recognized it, because he thought it was something obscene.   We've even dug razor clams before!

Our last stop of the day was to visit a cranberry bog and museum!  It was pretty interesting, we had never been bogging before.  Let the boggery begin!

Bog-peeping.  Psst, the red ones are the bogs.

Kylie and I taking in the bogness.

Family bog enjoyment time!

Here's a closeup of the berries growing in the bog.

These are some of Washington State University's experimental bogs.  Do you think I could go to WSU and get a degree in boggery?!  What am I waiting for!!

Ocean Spray Cranberries, not just from Maine!  Next time you enjoy a cranberry, it might have come from here.

On our way out we purchased a zip lock bag full of fresh cranberries for use later.  Yum...

And finally, the sun sets over the Pacific.  What a day!  I feel like we shoved about 3 days worth of activities into one day.  Thanks to Miss Kylie for keeping her crabbery to a minimum!!

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