Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pig Roasting Commence!

Today is the big party day!  Dad got was up starting the fire at 6:30 this morning, pig went on at 8:00 and the party started at 3:00.  We had such a great day seeing so many people and visiting.  Thank you to everyone who came out to visit, but most of all, thank you to dad and Lynn for hosting and roasting!

This is how our morning started.  Look at that stink face.  Classic Kylie.

Eric whipped up some cute fall decorations.

He even hacked down some corn stocks for ambiance.

Last night's jack-o-lanterns are today's party decor!

Squash on the vine, fall on the farm.

Lynn and my niece on a pumpkin ride!

Sisters!  Tiffany and I pose for the camera.  A sliver of Kylie is present as well.

Follow the pumpkin brick road...

Pitmaster dad roasting the main entree.

Kylie and her cousin.  Kylie is still a grouch.

The most adorable cupcakes ever made by Eric's cousin Holly.

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