Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coeur d'Alene Lake Cruise

This morning we drove out to Hayden to have breakfast at Rustler's Roost (a childhood favorite of mine). Everything was exactly the same as I remembered, and it was delicious!! After breakfast, we returned to the hotel and took a cruise around the north end of the lake. 

We had to make a mad dash back home since the bridge was closing at 7:00. Even Kylie cooperated, and we made it home with time to spare.

 YUM! I love any restaurant that includes biscuits and gravy as a side dish to EVERY menu item!
We also had to get the massive cinnamon roll that included approximately 14 gallons of "butter sauce".

Recipe for "butter sauce":  Melt butter. Done.

 Cruise time!

 Our trusty ship!

 Ms. K napped almost the whole time, and was cutely bundled in leopard print.

 The aptly named S.S. Coeur d'Alene!

 We're on a boat! Haha!

 Lookin' good! Yeah!

 Kid Island Bay!
Jacquelyn and I used to go play on this island for hours when we were kids.

 The best house perched on a rock that we saw all day.
@ Arrow Point

Goodbye Coeur d'Alene
Thanks for a great birthday!

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