Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Next Stop...Cape Disappointment!!

With the weather looking spectacular, we continued our touristing on Cape Disappointment.  There are two stories about the naming of this Cape.  The first story goes that in 1788 a British fur trader named John Meares was cruising down the Pacific Coast looking for folks to trade with and he got bored and turned around to go home near the end of the Cape, and totally missed "discovering" the Columbia River.  The other story says the Cape got its name from the Lewis & Clark Expedition who were totally disappointed after their western trek to find no boats and no one in the Pacific when they finally reached it.  (Thanks Wikipedia!)  Anyway, for us it was on to the next lighthouse, which included a "difficult" hike.  It was more like...odd.  It went from nature trail to Coast Guard Installation back to trail, and on and on.  Still pretty fun though.

Eric and Kylie ready for a hike!

It's getting very spooky in this here woods...

Dew in the morning.

The path, all grown over.

Spiders in the sunlight.

Be on high alert!  It's Deadman's Cove!!!

Here Squatchy-Squatch....

Oh no!  Don't fall in!!!

Look at that sky.  And twisty dead tree.  But that sky!

And there's another lighthouse.  The actual Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

Looking out over the ocean.

The view into the mouth of the Columbia River.  It really is monstrous!

The world in tiny-vision.

After the hike we went to lunch in Long Beach, where we had this obscene peanut butter pie.  It was so good, but the restaurant was totally cheaping out on us.  The pie came this way, with the end cut off.  Other signs of being totally cheap:  I received a coffee straw in my diet coke and could not drink it fast enough to get a refill or quench my thirst, my fish tacos had almost a head of iceburg lettuce cut up on it to hide the severe lack of fish, and Eric's fish and chips, though delicious, were the size of 4 frozen fish sticks for $15.  There has got to be a better way to save money then being so obviously tight-fisted with the food.  I mean, at least give a girl a whole piece of pie and a regular straw!!

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