Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby Shower!

So today was baby shower day!  I know, the baby is already born, but given my situation of always having to move, I did not get the chance to celebrate the baby with my family in Western Washington until now.  It was such a great day, we had so much fun!!

Here we are getting ready for the big party!

The gorgeous cupcake table was set up early, causing a constant temptation throughout the day!  Yum...

My Aunt Leah made this adorable smoked salmon dip...

And these really cute spider deviled eggs.  She's so creative!

The decorations are hung, pink for girl!

This is about one of the cutest picture frames I have ever seen!  And we got to keep it!!

Miss K looking ridiculous in her party dress. :) She lasted about 5 minutes, then she had to go into my Moby wrap for the rest of the party.  The party was so fun, thank you to my Aunts Linda and Leah for putting on such a fun afternoon!!

Afterwards, our family stuck around for a big family dinner, which was really delicious and fun!

Kylie ditched her awesome party dress for the after party.  Here she is meeting her cousin!

Aunt Leah using her super strength to cut open the world's hardest squash with her giant knife.

After dinner we were chatting with my Aunt Linda about the disposition of my grandmother's china...turns out Linda had it and was looking to re-home it.  Guess who happens to be in the market for some fine china?  That's right, we were!

 We are now the proud owners of this beautiful china set :)

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