Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And We're Off!!

So today was the big day, the day we've all been waiting for!  We got up, packed up the car and we're off on our week long trip to the west side.  We have an action packed week ahead of us, and we can't wait!  This is also Miss Kylie's very first road trip, and we learned a lot from our first day.  I think there will be some car seat improvements in our future....

Today's pictures come from our stop at Dry Falls State Park.  The air in Central Washington was nearly toxic on account of the epic wildfires in the region.  Both Eric and Kylie did not feel well as we passed through.  The baby required maintenance that couldn't wait, so we made this stop as quick as possible!

This is a cute map of the area outside the (always closed) visitor center.

We have been here countless times, and never once has this visitor center been open.  This time it was closed due to "Meetings".

The view out into the scab lands.   I love this part of the state!

The ancient falls.

Here we are, two happies and one grouch!

I'm so cute and nice...


We learned today that a six hour trip with a baby takes 8 hours, the baby does not like or understand her ears popping and sometimes all we need is a quick snuggle break to calm down.  We made it to Seattle in one piece and had a great night visiting with Stephanie and Jeannie.  More fun to be had tomorrow!

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