Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coeur d'Alene Day 1

We started off the morning with room service, followed by massages at the spa. Kylie and I walked the boardwalk, beach and city park while Autumn was being pampered on her birthday. Afterward, we had lunch at Toro Viejo (the Old Bull lol!) and shopped our way through downtown. Autumn finally got to have SUSHI for dinner at the resort. Here are the photos!

 Views of the hotel and floating boardwalk.

 Tubbs Hill!

 Me & Miss K!

 Deserted beach views

 Mexican lunch!!

 We didn't actually eat here, but the Maple Bar-ger piqued our interest! 
What we shoulda did was find out when this place was open and gone back there!

 Our planned cupcake stop was CLOSED!! 
AKA "the saddest thing I have ever seen" according to Autumn.
Luckily, there was another cupcake shop across the street!


Mysterio predicted that Kylie will be the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey when she grows up!

Sushi! How I've missed you!
Yum-O @ Bonsai Bistro!


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